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Civil society and the voluntary sector in transition

Within the thematic area "civil society and the voluntary sector in transition" three projects will be carried out:

(1) Interaction between civil society and other social actors (governance)

(2) Organisational community in transition

(3) New forms of collective action

The projects are partly a continuation of the theme within one of the Centre's focus areas during the period from 2008 through 2013: "Processes of change in the voluntary sector". The new projects build upon previous research, but will also generate new knowledge about the organisational, financial and political consequences that ongoing processes of change will have on the voluntary sector's regulatory framework conditions.

The projects will include studying new forms of collaboration between the voluntary sector and other actors, and what types of significance new forms of interaction have for the different players involved. We will also examine what changes take place in the organisational population and in the organisational structure at the local, regional and national levels, and the extent and significance of new forms of collective actions, such as digitalisation and the growth of social media, the growth of new local forms of organising, and the growth of a multicultural transnational civil society.

The projects in this thematic area will mainly be carried out as case studies with a collection of qualitative data and document analysis, and as comparisons on a local, national and international level.