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Senter for forskning på sivilsamfunn & frivillighet


Perspectives on participation

In this thematic area we are seeking out the answer to two overarching questions. First, how does broad social change affect the conditions for volunteering? Second, what are the most important explanations for why people volunteer and participate? To what extent is there an untapped potential for increased volunteer participation?

The answer to these questions will be sought within the realm of the project "Volunteering and motivation in Norway and Scandinavia". The project will:

(1) Explore the interaction between changes in the environment and in voluntary participation through a comparative study of the Scandinavian countries.

(2) Study how social processes, like individualisation and digitalisation, restructure the organizational landscape.

(3) Analyse why people participate in volunteer work with a view of factors such as local context, social background, attitudes and values along with connection to social networks.

(4) Examine the degree of potential for increased voluntary participation in the Norwegian population.