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Interaction between public authorities and voluntary organizations in search and rescue

(Phase 2)

Period: 2015 - 2016

This project is a continuation of a pre-project on the contribution of voluntary organizations in emergency response and rescue operation s (2014–2015). In the first phase of the project a qualitative study of two police districts, Hordaland and Oslo, was carried through. The main focus was how volunteers have been used in search and rescue, with particular emphasis on the interaction between volunteers and on scene commanders.

In this round, we examine the following five topics more closely

  • The volume of voluntary organizations’ participation in search and rescue
  • The interaction between municipalities and voluntary organizations
  • The public’s motivations for taking part in voluntary search and rescue operations
  • Factors contributing and hampering recruiting in voluntary organizations
  • How to ensure voluntary participation at training

These topics will be examined through in-depth studies of the same police districts, Hordaland and Oslo. We will also conduct a population survey, and analyze data from the logging register of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centres.