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Senter for forskning på sivilsamfunn & frivillighet


Partnership for social innovation

New collaboration platforms between voluntary, public, and private sector

Period: 2016 - 2017
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There are different forms of collaboration between municipalities and voluntary organizations, changing throughout history and varying according to policy field. Mapping the different forms of collaboration is a complicated task. In the research literature it is common to characterize these forms of collaboration in three main categories: financial support, interest representation, and institutional collaboration ( Lorentzen 2010 ).

In this project we shed light on new forms of institutional collaboration between the public and voluntary sector. We also look at the role of the private sector in terms of financial aid, the funding of premises and positions, as well as knowledge sharing.

Mapping out new forms of collaboration between municipalities and voluntary sector, we ask the following questions:

  • What characterizes the interaction between these actors when it comes to new collaboration platforms?
  • Who initiates the establishment?
  • How are these initiatives funded?

The project consists of an exploratory part and a descriptive part. We will conduct telephone interviews with representatives of new collaboration platforms in a sample of municipalities, and shed light on their experiences. In addition we will distribute a questionnaire to about 20 municipalities in order to collect information on more general characteristics on initiatives establishing new collaboration platforms.