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Senter for forskning på sivilsamfunn & frivillighet


Samfunnsengasjert ungdom: Deltakelse i politikk og organisasjonsliv blant unge i Oslo

Guro Ødegård (NOVA), Audun Fladmoe

2017:2 Samfunnsengasjert ungdom: Deltakelse i politikk og organisasjonsliv blant unge i Oslo
Serie: Senter for forskning på sivilsamfunn og frivillig sektor

ISBN internet: 978-82-7763-553-8
Pages: 94

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Youth participation in civil society and political life: Conti...

Civic Engagement: Participation in Political and Associational activities among young people in Oslo

In this report, based on the Young in Oslo survey of 2015, we have studied civic engagement among young people (13 to 19 year-old), measured by their participation in both voluntary organizations and political activities. The purpose is to increase the understanding of young people`s organized leisure activities and their democratic participation patterns, by looking at differences in participation based on factors such as gender, minority background and family resources. We also looked at the correlation between the young people’s participation in voluntary organizations and political activities, and how their involvement in voluntary organizations, political interest and turnout have changed over time.

The report shows that young people’s participation in voluntary organizations seem to have remained on a stable, high level the last decade, and that the interest in politics and social issues have increased, especially among girls. Sports is the activity that draws in most young people, but is also the activity where differences between youth from more and less resourceful families are most significant. Even though we find similar tendencies in other categories of organizations (such as political-, leisure- and religious organizations) as well, these are far weaker.

When it comes to participation in political activities, growing up in a family culture with a civic mindset is more important than the socio-economic resources of the family. The survey finds a correlation between participation in political activities and participation in organizations. This correlation is particularly strong for civic-oriented organizations (environmental and humanitarian). The study indicates that the correlation between participation in more ‘apolitical’ organizations (such as sports, hobbies and other leisure activities) are somewhat stronger for young people with minority backgrounds than for others.